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Build disruptive, high-performing solutions and teams

Disruption and innovation are the calling cards of today’s top performers – is your team one of them? If you’re looking to build Agile mindsets and bolster innovation capacity within your organization, our Innovation Management Labs can help, offering a hands-on, research-driven framework that guides your solutions from the whiteboard to market.

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Set up your innovations for success with Innovation Management Labs


Develop Agile, user-focused products that stand out from the competition


Guide scalable, disruptive solutions from idea to market using our P.I.E.® Framework


Use hands-on training to build learning agility and innovation capacity in your team


Jump-start collaboration and innovation across teams using Prepr’s virtual Lab network

Transform your team into an Agile powerhouse

The Innovation Management Labs use customer-centric exercises to foster value-driven design and enhance your team’s entrepreneurial acumen. Prepr’s three-stage P.I.E.® Framework moves your project from problem to pitch deck in 90 days or less, ensuring timely, market-ready solutions that stand out from the crowd.

Project Leadership Lab

Build a cross-functional agile team and learn to get things done.

Innovation Lab

Understand your users’ problem and create solutions that delight them.

Entrepreneurship Lab

Experiment with channels, customer segments and value stories to expand your team’s business acumen.

Using the PreprLabs Network, the Innovation Management Labs can connect your team with like-minded experts and entrepreneurs, fostering effective collaboration on real-world issues. Each Lab’s practice-oriented approach builds out your ideas while bolstering your team’s learning agility and innovative capacity.

Build innovative solutions that meet real world needs using the P.I.E.® Framework

At Prepr, we believe that a dedicated team of any size can drive real-world change. That’s why we’ve spent the past ten years helping businesses, organizations, and communities around the world use the P.I.E.® method to prototype solutions that meet their needs.

To see firsthand the benefits that P.I.E.® and the Innovation Management Labs can bring your team, check out our recent some of our recent case studies:

To learn more about the benefits of innovation management, also check out our webinar series with Dr. Sorin Cohn of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Ready to unlock your team’s unlimited potential?

Register now or book a demo with a Prepr advisor, and we’ll show you how our Innovation Management Labs can help you build disruptive, high-performance teams and solutions.

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