A Culture of Learning 


Our Philosophy

Education, innovation, and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do. Learning is a life-long process and we work to encourage people to ask difficult questions and drive continuous skills development.

People are at the heart of what we do – using inclusive, collaborative learning to foster innovation for a better future. Through a variety of initiatives we aim to bring inclusivity and care to our learning approach.

Banner: CARE Lab.

Care Lab A collaborative experience created to raise awareness about mental health, change the dialogue, and reduce stigma.

Banner: Diversity and Inclusion Labs.

Diversity and Inclusion Laba series of critical Challenges designed to help organizations remove bias from their talent lifecycle

“We believe in the power of innovation, collaboration, and education to change the world.” 

Photo: Salar Chagpar.

Salar Chagpar, Chief Visioneer

Diversity and Inclusion 

We work hard to be a welcoming, safe, and equitable environment for people of all backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, genders, and ability. We also work to encourage a culture of inclusion among everyone we work with. We recognize that the complex social issues impacting diversity and inclusion are rooted deep in our history, culture, and political climate and that acknowledging and learning about all of the unique systems of oppression that exist today is the very first step in unlearning our biases and truly valuing intersectional diversity.

Banners: Diversity and Inclusion Challenges.

We are Lifelong Learners

Life-long learning is at the core of our philosophy; and we aim to walk the walk and exemplify this in our own workplace. Our team is continually building their skills and knowledge through supported development, creating a culture of learning and growth.

Photo: Catlin McDonough.

Cait, Chief Education Officer

Currently Learning Advanced Learning Experience Design

Photo: Salar Chagpar.

Salar, CEO

Currently Learning Marketing Research

Photo: Dayna Lang.

Dayna, Curriculum Developer

Previous F.U.N. Program Graduate
Currently Learning SEO

Photo: Matthew Almeria.

Matthew, Digital Producer

Previous IFC Challenge Participant
Currently Learning Audio Editing

Photo: Caitlin Randle.

Caitlin, Director of Community Engagement

Currently Learning JIRA and Agile Methodology

Photo: Sophia Situ.

Sophia, UI Designer

Previous IFC Challenge Participant
Currently Learning UX Research & Visual Design

Photo: Jiaxin Fang.

Jiaxin, UX Developer

Currently Learning UX Design

Photo: Amanda Wong.

Amanda, Marketing and Customer Success Coordinator

Previous F.U.N Program Graduate
Currently Learning SEO, Google Analytics and Paid Ads

Photo: Nolan Saumure.

Nolan, Digital Producer

Previous IFC Challenge Participant
Currently Learning Animation

Logo: Michelle Su.

Michelle, UI Designer

Currently Learning Marketing Research & Graphic Design

Icon: person.

Ali, Junior Web Developer 

Previous IFC Challenge Participant
Currently Learning UX/UI Design

Photo: JiaZheng Li.

JiaZheng, Full Stack Developer 

Previous IFC Challenge Participant
Currently Learning Full Stack Development

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