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Are you and employer in search of young, digital talent with access to grant-funded employment opportunities?

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Prepr can connect you with pre-screened, pre-trained, digital talent ready to bring value to your organization.​

Our upskilling programs provide a blended, hands-on learning experience combining valuable work experience with accelerated skills training.

Our objectives are to support youth who face employment barriers by helping them develop soft skills such as communication, collaboration and problem solving. Additionally we help growing Canadian businesses access talent, with eligible grant funding opportunities.


The mentors, talking with them, they just thought it was phenomenal. And even our judges, they couldn’t believe it. They were like, ‘This is incredible! Literally, what we did has never been done before!

It was amazing to watch them go from ‘I’m stunned, I don’t know what to do with this really open-ended question, I’m scared,’ to diving in. And even now, students keep following up: ‘What can we do with this project? Is there funding? Can we launch it? Can we pilot it? They’ve taken such a great ownership of what they’ve done.


  • Save time recruiting competent and affordable digital talent.
  • Our graduates can help you:
    • Build and design a website
    • Manage social, email and search marketing campaigns
    • Build eCommerce platforms or mobile apps
  • Our programs provide a variety of Provincial and Federal grants to help you grow.


  • Provide a hands-on digital skills training program and select top graduates to connect with employers
  • Pre-screen and enhance business skills of top digital talent to be workforce ready.
  • Open doors for candidates with diverse backgrounds and strengthen your workforce for success.

We are Prepr and we’re here to help you grow.

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