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Empower your workforce to think big and foster a culture of collaboration. All within budget.

Whether you’re an employer seeking to build a team of confident idea-pitchers, cross-disciplinary collaborators, and adaptable leaders, or an employee looking to enhance your skills, our program is tailor-made for you.

Our remote, part-time program offers a unique opportunity for employees to develop their talents, expand their leadership acumen, and sharpen their soft skills, all without any cost to your organization.

Selected companies receive $3000 for every employee that graduates and employees receive $200 for completing the program.

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    Program Overview

    Program Highlights

    Soft skills for the workplace

    Support both employers and employees in addressing the learning gaps caused by the pandemic. Our comprehensive training program offers a range of instructor-led and self-guided materials to enhance essential skills such as adaptability, communication, creativity, and more.

    Stamp: Numeracy.


    Elevate the essential numeracy skills of your team through our program. Discover systematic approaches to handling complex mathematical data, performing operations, extracting meaningful insights, and applying them to diverse business contexts.

    Whether you’re an employer seeking improved budgeting, analytics, and market analysis for enhanced decision-making, or an employee looking to strengthen your mathematical proficiency, our program is designed for you.

    Stamp: Writing.


    Enhance your abilities to create captivating marketing content, master the art of social media and email communication, and delve into the evolving landscape of business writing influenced by AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT. Elevate your writing skills to excel in today’s dynamic business environment without exceeding the paragraph’s length.

    Stamp: Reading.


    Improve your team’s ability to read and comprehend business information effectively. Enhance their skills in researching and analyzing market factors, competitive analysis, and technical documentation to gain valuable insights for your company’s growth and success.

    Stamp: Collaboration.


    Boost collaboration skills with our program. Discover opportunities to optimize collaboration, understand workplace culture, and effectively use team collaboration tools to improve project outcomes.

    Stamp: Adaptability.


    Equip yourself with essential agile project management skills through our program, designed to empower employees like you. Discover how to adapt and deliver value early in projects, effectively overcome setbacks, and embrace challenges for personal and professional growth.

    Stamp: Communication.


    Elevate communication skills with our program. Enhance your ability to listen with intention, speak with purpose and clarity, understand your organization’s core selling proposition, and effectively communicate with your team and audience for better business outcomes.

    Stamp: Digital.


    Upgrade your digital skills with our program. Gain the ability to effectively use digital tools and technologies, from communication and information retrieval to complex problem-solving and data analysis, and meet the basic requirement for most jobs in today’s digital workplace.

    Stamp: Problem solving.

    Problem Solving

    Our problem-solving program will equip individuals with the skills to confidently identify opportunities, overcome challenges, and tackle complex multidimensional problems. Learn how to research, analyze, decide and assess your decisions, and improve your problem-solving abilities.

    Stamp: Creativity & Innovation.

    Creativity & Innovation

    Learn our unique and proprietary P.I.E.® innovation framework. Learn to identify needs, generate novel ideas, test and evaluate new approaches, build creativity, and foster an innovative environment that learns from failure and embraces digital skills for better outcomes.

    When will this program run?

    We have the following cohorts available for 30 participants each. Each cohort will receive 80 hours of self-directed and instructor-led training across an 8 week period, plus 40 hours of self-serve support after their training finishes.

    Cohort 2. Duration: August 16 - October 13. Orientation: August 16, 12 -1 PM EST. Schedule: Recurring Wednesdays 12:30 - 5 PM EST. Starts: August 23rd. Ends: October 13th.
    Cohort 3. Duration: September 21 - November 16. Orientation: September 21, 12 -1 PM EST. Schedule: Recurring Thursday 12:30 - 5 PM EST. Starts: September 28th. Ends: November 16th.
    Cohort 4. Duration: October 18 - December 13. Orientation: October 18th, 12 -1 PM EST. Schedule: Recurring Thursday 12:30 - 5 PM EST. Starts: October 25th. Ends: December 13th.

    Build T-shaped, cross functional talent

    Our digital learning labs build T-shaped skill sets in marketing, development, management, and design, preparing your talent to think, work, and communicate across disciplines.

    Comprehensive and quality training

    Each employee gets 80 hours of instructor-led and self-guided material — a $3000 value — plus 40 hours of post-program support, including access to our career development experts.

    A cost-free and risk-free program

    On top of our no-cost training, we also provide a subsidy for every employee that completes the program, plus one year of company access to our learn-by-doing platform, PreprLabs.

    Picture it. A project manager who can build a marketing strategy. A backend developer who pitches their ideas clearly and confidently. A junior designer who understands Agile fundamentals. With this program, that can be your company.

    Who is this program for?

    This program is for junior talent who have potential to pitch ideas confidently, collaborate across disciplines, and take on leadership as needed.

    Our Skills for Success program is geared towards high-performing talent in any of the following disciplines:



    Business Analysis

    Product Management

    Project Management

    Newcomers, women, and people of colour are encouraged to apply.

    Get Started Now

    Seats for this program are limited. Get in touch with our team and get started with the Skills for Success program today.

      We respect your privacy. Privacy Policy