Experiential Education Programming for Career Development

Hands-on, WIL Opportunities for a Future-Proof Career

Whether you are working with current students or recent graduates, your students have any number of career pathways available to them. Perhaps they have had some exposure to these or have been given a glimpse into what they’re all about and where they can take them in their careers. Prepr’s Experiential Education WIL Lab is designed to help your students better understand the expectations confronting them in their chosen career pathways and equips you with the tools you need to guide them to career success.

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PreprLabs, our learn-by-doing platform

PreprLabs is a digital space where students and experiential education career developers can work together to better understand themselves, their needs, and the current job market demands in order to build realistic goals for a sustainable, enjoyable career.

PreprLabs supports project-based learning through Challenges in which students learn how to provide strategic business insights and communicate them clearly while building critical soft skills like communication, time management, and collaboration.


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What is a Lab?

Labs are collections of thematically related Challenges typically used for learning and/or solving an Innovation objective. Prepr delivers the only learning network that helps students develop skills, test career pathways, and build a portfolio of work, all while equipping them with experience, opportunities for employment, and meaningful support for their projects.

The Challenges

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Applied Research

Foster the professional development of students through R&D projects that build creative problem-solving skills consulting acumen, and design-thinking mindsets

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Service Learning

Leverage experiential learning and solutions development in alignment with environmental concerns, social policy, or the needs of differently defined communities.

HTBAL work

Work Experience

Integrate full-time work into your academic programs, connecting WIL learning pathways to career goals, and improving your students’ ability to collaborate and compete in a competitive marketplace.

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Equip students with resources and mentorship as they learn to think like startups that innovate solutions to real-world needs, and begin to develop a mindset of lifelong learning, a professional portfolio, and networking skills.

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It was amazing to watch them go from ‘I’m stunned, I don’t know what to do with this really open-ended question, I’m scared,’ to diving in. And even now, students keep following up. […] They’ve taken such great ownership of what they’ve done.

Tracy Whatmore, University of Alberta

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Resource Access

The platform also provides access to vital resources, helping to start conversations with students and guide them through the Challenges within the Lab. With these resources, you will be able to better assist your students in choosing and planning for a career pathway with clear and realistic goals.

When you partner with Prepr, your career development office is able to focus more on developing and supporting your students and recent graduates. Click the button below to learn more about how Prepr can help your students discover their perfect career road map.

We’re Prepr, and we’re here to help you and your students grow.