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Foster a culture of openness and resilience with CARE Lab

Our CARE Lab’s project-based learning approach offers a hands-on way for your team to develop a shared understanding of mental wellness, while helping them identify and break down cultural stigmas. Supported by expert resources and webinars, CARE participants collaborate on strategies and approaches for managing stressors and anxieties within their lives.

Support your team’s resilience and wellbeing with shared tools, resources and spaces

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Build an open, positive, and supportive culture by providing your team a safe, collaborative space to manage anxiety and stress

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Help your team thrive with expert-developed tools, resources and best practices for mental wellbeing

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Foster meaningful change in your organization by offering tools to break stigma and support mental health

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Enhance the resilience, emotional intelligence, and mental health awareness of your team

Each CARE Challenge tackles a different aspect of mental wellbeing, using open-ended prompts to encourage reflection and foster productive discussions. Participants are free to respond in any medium they choose, be it text, video, or creative work. The CARE Lab’s self-guided, collaborative approach is designed to grow your team’s personal resilience, emotional intelligence, and mental health awareness.

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Support your team with expert tools, techniques and resources

Here at Prepr, we believe that a safe, welcoming and supportive culture is vital to organizational success. That’s why we’ve worked closely with mental health professionals to ensure the CARE Lab truly promotes that goal. Each Challenge provides strategies and resources from expert organizations, including the CMHA, CAMH, and the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Ready to build a positive team culture around mental wellbeing?

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