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Equip your company for success with our employee training program, receive $3,000 in grants per employee trained. Turbocharge your workforce by hiring graduates of the DTP program and receive $5,425 in grant funding per new hire. Additionally your employees get a free laptop upon completion of the program valued up to $945.00.

With our support, you’ll gain access to a dedicated digital marketing expert who will thoroughly assess and develop a roadmap to revamp your sales and marketing operations.

Digital Skills for Your Team

The Digital Transformation Program places a strong emphasis on essential digital competencies that play a pivotal role in amplifying revenue and digital marketing.

The main skills we will focus on training and implementing within your team include:

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Digital marketing and email marketing

Learn how to create effective online advertising campaigns, and leverage email marketing as a powerful communication tool to engage and convert potential customers.

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Social media management tools

Gain expertise in using platforms to schedule posts, analyze audience engagement, and optimize social media strategies for business growth. Learn how to make the best use of social media platforms e.g. audience, content, strategies.

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Marketing technology stacks

Learn how to integrate various marketing tools and platforms to streamline marketing efforts, improve data management, and enhance the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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Customer relationship management

Understand how to build and maintain strong customer relationships, leverage CRM software to track customer interactions, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Data and analytics tools

Learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret data to make data-driven marketing decisions and optimize strategies for better results.

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Proposal management tools

Equip yourself with the skills to create, manage, and track business proposals, improving your ability to win contracts and secure new business opportunities.

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Sales fundamentals

Learn essential sales techniques, negotiation skills, and how to build and maintain strong client relationships to achieve sales targets.

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Customer success

Gain insights into how to proactively ensure customers’ satisfaction and drive long-term loyalty by understanding customer needs and providing exceptional service and support.

What to Expect

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For Employers

With our support, you’ll gain access to a dedicated digital marketing expert who will thoroughly assess and develop a roadmap to revamp your sales and marketing operations.

Once the assessment is complete, you’ll receive a tailor-made roadmap designed to lead you to your revenue goals, identifying the vital technology and resources needed.

You won’t be on this journey alone – we’re here for you. Benefit from 6 hours of exclusive consulting time with our digital marketing expert over 8 weeks to ensure your roadmap’s success. We’re dedicated to aligning your employee training with your roadmap, so you’re guaranteed to achieve your strategic objectives. Your success is our top priority!

For Employees

We will provide a hybrid delivery model for employers which will include:

  • 3 full day live training (10am-4pm EST) sessions over a three week period. Starting in December 2024
  • Instructor-led sessions
  • Open office hours to help implement company objectives
  • Hands-on and self paced learning
  • Intermediate level digital marketing skills training

There will be open office hours post training to support employees with technical integration until March 2024.

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