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Prepr is building a Global Lab Network connecting Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, and Educators to co-LEARN, co-LAB, and co-SOLVE™ real world challenges and create business opportunities.

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PIE is an interdisciplinary problem solving framework; a 3-phase method, 15 steps to go from idea to market in 90 days or less.

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Apply the PIE method to real-world challenges by co-creating solutions in your portfolio that showcase the skills that matter.

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So What is PIE®?

An interdisciplinary problem solving framework. A 3-phase method, combining project leadership,
innovation & entrepreneurship to build an agile team, and take your idea to market in 15 steps, in 90 days or less. 


Phase 1 – Project Leadership

Build a cross-functional agile team
and learn to get things done

Phase 2 – Innovation

Understand your users’ problems and
create solutions that delight them

Phase 3 – Entrepreneurship

Experiment with channels, customer segments
and your value story to find a fit that works.

What We Offer

Prepr offers co-LEARN products including the PIE® Book and PIE Kits as well as co-LAB
Programs to public & private organizations.


The PIE Book

Use The PIE Book and learn how to build agile teams, and take ideas to market in 15 steps, in under 90 days.

The PIE Kit

A PIE Kit includes everything you need to work with a team to co-create ideas and build out your project.

co-LAB Programs

Whether you already have an internal innovation lab or are looking to build one to foster a culture & ecosystem of innovation, we can help.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is Here.

The innovation ecosystem is a driving force in the economy and both organizations and governments need more highly skilled people to remain competitive in this hyper-competitive marketplace. With the PIE® Program, we give you the skills, knowledge and experience to compete in the new economy.

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I am very impressed with Prepr …  In short, which does not do it justice, it may be the best business planning program that I have ever seen.

Darrell Flewell,

Channel Operations Manager, Training & Certification

Are you ready to future-proof your skills?

Gain both the soft & interdisciplinary skills needed to solve real-world challenges and create
business opportunities. Become more employable by building your project portfolio and verifying
your skills with Prepr Certifications. Getting started is as easy PIE®!

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