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Prepr’s workforce development platform offers pre-built labs and instructor-led programs that deliver a learn-by-doing experience.

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Our Partners

Prepr has partnered with hundreds of organizations to make learning easier and give you access to resources.

How We Help You

Upskill through challenge and project-based learning with our platform. Explore how we can tailor our Labs and Programs to suit your organizational needs.



Unlock innovation and solve challenges by connecting with skilled problem solvers. Discover new opportunities for growth and attract top talent through project-based learning.


Non-profit and NGOs

Address societal challenges effectively by tapping into a diverse network of problem solvers. Leverage the power of collaboration to drive positive change and achieve your organization’s mission.



Transform education through project-based learning. Empower students with hands-on experiences, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and real-world problem-solving skills.



Upskill and advance your career through practical, challenge-based learning. Connect with opportunities to showcase your skills and contribute to real-world projects, enhancing your professional growth.

Keep on your life-long learning journey

Use the Prepr Lab Network to build, manage and share your portfolio of projects. Plus practice the P.I.E. method to solve problems effectively and efficiently.

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