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Grow your skills and your career with Prepr Network. Browse through helpful resources and tips to keep on learning.


Getting Started Labs

Prepr is the perfect collaborative innovation platform for streamlining the growth of organizations, helping to create dynamic, hands-on, remote learning & upskilling environments.

Industry Futur{e} Challenge

This series of Challenges addresses the digital-innovation skills gap through real-world learning experiences. They focus on 10 core industries – focusing on how businesses can innovate, recover, and grow into the future.



Experience critical conversations with industry leaders, learning the skills and information necessary to learn and grow alongside the fast-paced digital work environment.

How to Build a LearnLab

Learn how to develop and build a LearnLab for your organization. These digital spaces provide the perfect environment for your team to innovate, educate, and collaborate with your specific organizational needs in mind.

How to Use Prepr

Prepr’s digital learning platform allows you to easily access hands-on skill building Challenges, connect with mentors and industry experts through learning Labs, and provides a space for you to build the skills and portfolio necessary for career growth.

Beyond COVID-19: Global Open Innovation Challenge

These Challenges are a space to innovate and co-create impactful, lasting solutions, tackling the many problems facing industries and individuals and building a better post-pandemic world. 

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