Future of Healthcare

Challenge Open: Dec 6 – Mar 1

Step 1 – Pick your challenge today:

  1. In what ways can AI help bridge the gap in healthcare access, especially in remote or underprivileged areas? This could include telemedicine, AI-driven diagnostic tools that require minimal human intervention, or mobile health applications.
  2. How can AI be used to optimize hospital resource allocation, such as bed management, staffing, and equipment utilization, to enhance healthcare efficiency and patient care?
  3. How can AI be integrated into the care of the elderly, particularly in detecting early signs of cognitive decline or in remote monitoring to enable independent living while ensuring safety and health?

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    In the seventh installment of the Industry Future Challenges, expert panelist Dr. Nitika Pai has shared her experience in adapting to cultural differences and finding your own path. She delves into the work she has done for HIV patients using technology and discusses the future of healthcare with AI advancements.


    For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, the total prizes are:

    1st Place

    • $500 Visa gift card
    • $300 in Linux course credits
    • $1000 Prepr Lab Kit
    • Internship opportunities at Prepr and our network of partners

    2nd Place

    • $250 Visa gift card
    • $300 in Linux course credits
    • $1000 Prepr Lab Kit

    3rd Place

    • $125 Visa gift card
    • $300 in Linux course credits
    • $1000 Prepr Lab Kit

    **Please be advised that while participants are welcome to enter the Challenges, it should be noted that individuals who have previously won are ineligible for further awards.

    Please be advised that all cash prizes will be awarded in CAD.**

    Our Expert Panelists

    Dr. Nitika Pant Pai

    Dr Nitika Pant Pai MD, MPH, PhD, is a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Clinical Epidemiology and a Principal Investigator at the Research Institute of the MUHC. She is also a Member of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. Her global implementation research program in Canada, India and South Africa is primarily focused on point-of-care diagnostics for HIV and associated co-infections (Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, HPV, bacterial STIs). Her research informs domestic and global policy on point-of-care diagnostics. She develops and incorporates innovation, implementation science, artificial intelligence, to generate solutions that plug health service delivery gaps.

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