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Kick-start remote training and innovation with pre-built Labs.

Our Labs help your team develop their skills by solving real-world issues. Discover which of our offerings are right for you.

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Network for Learning and Innovation

Get effective hands-on learning and problem-solving.

With the PreprLabs Network, your team gets engaging, challenge-based learning across remote and hybrid settings.

Our virtual Labs offer space for collaborative problem solving, where you can conveniently manage, assess and reward projects and submissions.

Pre-Built Lab Catalog

Discover a Lab that’s right for your goals.

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Banner: CARE - Compassion, Awareness, Respect, Encouragement.

Support your team’s resilience and wellbeing with expert-developed mental health resources.

Banner: Digital Capability Labs.

Build future-ready job skills in twenty in-demand career paths.

Banner: Diversity and Inclusion Lab.

Foster a safe, inclusive, and welcoming team culture with hands-on diversity and inclusion training.

Banner: Future Labs.

Develop real-world innovations that bridge the digital skills gap in ten key industries.

Banner: Innovation Management Labs.

Bolster your team’s innovation capacity and build real-world solutions using our P.I.E.® Framework.

Banner: Sustainable Innovation Labs.

Rapidly develop viable solutions for major ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility challenges.

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Customized Learning Experiences

Looking to launch a Lab that’s tailored to your needs?

Through PreprLabs’ support for custom programs, microcredentials, and resources, we can achieve your precise learning goals.

We support your team in building and administering experiences that work with your organization’s unique culture and ideas.

We’re Prepr and we’re here to help you grow.