Prepr Lab Programs are Designed For You, By You

Prepr Lab Programs allow you to co-create, register, or sponsor labs that fit in with you and your organization or team needs.

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What Labs Offer

Prepr Labs are places where like-minded people co-create together to co-LEARN. co-LAB. and co-SOLVE.® real-world challenges and create business opportunities. Labs offer a place where users can work on and submit projects, network with professionals

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P.I.E.® Kits

Who You Are

Prepr offers different Programs that specialize to you and your organization or team needs.

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Incubators & Accelerators

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District School Boards

Special Lab Programs

Prepr offers a variety of different programs that allow marginalized groups to grow their skills and empower individuals to pursuing careers in innovation and technology sectors.

Help Us Build Problem Solvers Around the World By:

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Co-Create a Lab

Creating spaces where individuals can create, solve and submit their projects. Gain access to a pool of future-oriented thinkers and innovative solutions to global problems.

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Claim your Lab

Submitting your existing lab from an already existing pool of labs and register it to our database for recognition.

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Sponsor a Lab

Partnering with existing labs and provide funding and resources while allowing users to solve challenges and create business opportunities.

Want to learn more about developing a lab program with Prepr?