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As an Employment Service Provider, you often get asked one very important question: “Where do I start?”

Support your team, employers, and job seekers alike through Challenge-Based Learning. We at Prepr understand the need to provide innovative solutions and tools that everyone can access without unnecessary hurdles, systemic barriers and financial setbacks.

You can expect to…

Optimize the delivery of your mandate

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Build a culture of diversity, inclusiveness, care & success

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Identify and address client, employee & community needs

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Provide online education & training

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Mentor, empower, and support those you serve and ideate meaningful solutions

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Provide direction and awareness for career building, hard and soft skill development, and goal setting

So, where do you start?

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Welcome to Prepr — where Labs, Challenges, learning, networking, and opportunities collide. Prepr creates virtual Labs that enable organizations to deliver collaborative learning experiences while combining project and challenge-based learning with microcredential achievements. These Labs and Challenges can be offered to aid your employees with in-house upskilling and collaborative team building while also offering a portal of valuable resources to employers and job seekers.

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In addition to PreprLabs & Challenges, Prepr also facilitates the F.U.N.™ Program!

The Flexible Upskilling Network (F.U.N.™) program supports youth (15-29 yrs.) in their journey to overcome employment barriers, while offering employers a wage subsidy of $6,600.

In short, F.U.N.™ offers a free 5-week digital training program through the PreprLabs Network in project leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This allows participants to enhance their skillsets in up to 20 different digital career pathways followed by an 11-week paid employment internship.

Employers can leverage the pre-screened participants’ experience and skillset to help build in-house websites or ecommerce stores, optimize digital communication plans and software, launch social media and/or email campaigns, and produce marketing assets.

It’s important to note that employers can also refer individuals to the digital skills training program and then utilize the subsidy to onboard those same individuals for the 11-week internship.

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Prepr helps you support job seekers by…

  • Providing a supportive & experiential learning milieu designed to help young people land a new role and grow their career.
  • Developing practical and technical skills for the modern workforce, while also focusing on key soft skills like communication, collaboration, and problem solving.
  • Referring and placing participants in the free 5-week (20 hrs. /wk.) development program, with successful graduates eligible to receive an 11-week paid internship.
Photo: business woman shakes hands with a new hire.
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Prepr helps you support employers by…

  • Providing a wage subsidy to cover 11 wks of full-time employment costs (40 hrs/wk. – a minimum of $15/hr.). Up to a maximum of $6,600.
  • Identifying and helping prioritize in house digital challenges as part of the work and training plan for new hires.
  • Matching graduates with the skillset required to fulfill company or organization needs.
  • Sending two or three potential candidates to undergo onsite interviews & provide a complete personality assessment of each to aid in the matching of current workplace culture.
  • Offering touch points and check-ins to ensure both the placement participant and employer are meeting their respective objectives.

Interested in learning more? Speak to a Prepr advisor.

We’re Prepr and we’re here to help you grow.