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Remote job skills training with real-life results.

Deliver engaging and impactful remote career programs with our hands-on training, flexible program structure, and post-program support.

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Our Programs

Going remote? We can help.

Moving your job-seekers’ training online can be complicated. We’re here to make it simpler.

Our skills development programs give your clients a career-ready combination of portfolio projects, technical skills and soft skills through challenge-based learning.

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Build your clients’ technical skills with our Digital Capability Labs.

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Offer career coaching and network-building with our Career Planning Labs.

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Provide expert knowledge and resources with our network of mentors and advisors.

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Give clients simulated startup experiences with our P.I.E.® innovation framework.


We go beyond lectures and coursework.

Your clients have unique interests and learning styles. That’s why we use PreprLabs, our learn-by-doing platform, to help your clients build their talents by exploring challenges that match their interests.

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Our self-guided, hands-on learning labs are built to engage curiosity and develop talent. See our comparison table to learn how we’re different from the crowd.

Conventional training

Linear and rigid assignment and course structures.

Tests and assignments completed for marks.

Proof of skill is hidden behind a pass/fail system.

Our approach

Self-directed, non-linear learning labs and challenges that leverage your clients’ curiosity.

Hands-on, portfolio-ready projects that showcase your clients’ skills.

Shareable microcredentials link to your clients’ portfolio of work on PreprLabs.

Screengrab: Barry Rook interview.

We found that the individuals coming here have more skill and knowledge. … The people we interviewed seemed to have pretty much what we were looking at right away.

– Barry Rook, F.U.N. Program partner employer

Flexible Program Delivery

We tailor our training to your needs.

Whether your clients need synchronous, hybrid, or asynchronous learning, we work closely with your team to leverage our ten-plus years of programs, resources, and expertise and create a training program that meets your goals.

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Over 24 community and educational partners

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Post-Program Support

We help your clients for their whole career journey.

Your clients need career support long after the coursework is done. That’s why we offer continued support after program completion.

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Employer selection and job placements

We leverage our network of pre-screened employers to help your clients find rewarding work in their field.

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Continuous learning programs and guidance

We offer program alumni access to our continued learning programs, as well as office hours and info sessions for job-seekers and employers alike.

Case Study: F.U.N. Program

We helped 79% of participants get jobs with the F.U.N. Program.

In 2020, we launched the Flexible Upskilling Network (F.U.N) Program, a 5-week skills catalyst with an 11-week job placement for youth seeking employment.

Overall, our process helped 79% of participants gain employment, with 123 participants successfully graduating the final cohort.

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Skills training in 20 career paths with the Digital Capability Labs on PreprLabs.

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Career coaching and network-building with the Career Planning Lab.

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Expert seminars on marketing, web development, and more.

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Simulated entrepreneurship experiences guided by our P.I.E. innovation framework.

Screengrab: Taylor interview.

Depending on what you want to take from it, you can pick and choose different things, go different routes, you can always go into other learning. Overall, it was a great experience.

–Taylor, F.U.N. Program participant

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