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Africa is currently underrepresented in STEM fields, slowing the continent’s development and stunting social impact efforts to improve the lives of Africans. The continent needs intelligent youth to fill the skills gap in STEM in order to secure a scientifically and educationally advanced future for the people of Africa. These aspiring youth require real-world, skills-based, hands-on learning opportunities in the data science and engineering fields to initiate lasting change.

March of 2020 marked an unprecedented situation with the Covid-19 global pandemic. Millions of people, in many different sectors and different countries around the world, were suddenly impacted by this unexpected crisis. Basic institutions of our society—like education, healthcare, and government—changed rapidly, and with the change came challenges beyond the safety and health of citizens. The world, together, joined a global fight to cure the virus. This fight meant not just a medical cure, but also a cure for global business owners’ economic struggle, educators’ challenges with remote learning, unemployed community members, and more. The pandemic uniquely affected all parts of the world and all types of people. Only together could we lighten the load and successfully carry this burden to cure the world.

The Flexible Upskilling Network (FUN) program is a blended learning program where participants receive opportunities to combine valuable work experience with accelerated skills training. The objective is to support youth who face employment barriers by helping them develop soft skills such as communication, collaboration and problem solving. Prepr has applied its signature PIE method to train the participants in Project Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship to expose them to real world business challenges. Prepr also supported participants in developing technology and digital skills that can help them secure gainful employment.

The Futur{e}Challenge is a multi-industry challenge, designed to bring both the public and private sector together to prioritize challenges around emerging technologies and its impact on people, the planet and the global economy. The Futur{e}Challenge aims to solve problems across industries while addressing and solving the skills gap. This multi-industry challenge was inspired by reports from the World Economic Forum and the International Labour Organization (ILO) of the United Nations on the ever-growing skills gap and the future of work.

On 3 February 2019, Prepr met with 25 UX Design students at the Laurier University Brantford campus to launch the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Challenge. They were tasked to use the PIE methodology to create feasible solutions to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations.

Professor Steven Karpenko is an instructor of entrepreneurship at Bishop’s University. Karpenko taught a 6-week “new venture creation” Entrepreneurship 101 course using Prepr’s signature PIE method in October 2019.