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We trained 100 staff from 30 Ontario small businesses.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) supports 60,000 businesses, educators, and non-profits through policy efforts and business services.

As part of its continuing mission to boost Ontario’s competitiveness and support its economic growth, OCC wanted to expand its learning programs for small businesses.

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The Problem

The OCC’s clients needed training in ecommerce, DEI awareness, and staff mental health.

In a post-pandemic era, the OCC’s small business partners needed an engaging, remote-first training solution that employees could engage with on a flexible schedule.

Our Solution

We provided them asynchronous training and hands-on support.

We trained 100 employees from 30 small businesses, providing 20 hours of learning material across a 12-week program.

I was really excited to learn more about the different kinds of e-commerce solutions that could benefit different aspects of my business’ functioning and I found PreprLabs to be an ideal environment for undergoing this learning experience more or less at my own pace.

— Program Participant

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Diversity and Inclusion Lab

Staff and leadership learned about core concepts of diversity and inclusion, as well as ways to deconstruct unconscious biases in their workplace, and create inviting remote work environments.

Banner: CARE Lab.

C.A.R.E. Lab

We used open-ended, hands-on exercise to train the OCC’s clients on self-care and mutual support inside and outside the workplace.

Banner: Ecommerce Manager Career Lab.

Ecommerce Lab

We provided the OCC’s clients with a customized version of our Ecommerce Lab, teaching their talent how to plan their digital businesses, audit their competition, optimize with analytics, and manage customer service.

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