Digital Capability Labs

If you are looking to train youth as digital advisors to support small businesses, we can help. Leverage Prepr’s proven expertise and pre-structured digital capabilities labs and challenges to deliver hands-on training. 

Our team has supported hundreds of businesses through digital transformation, including launching ecommerce stores and have the real-world expertise to help your organization succeed. Prepr’s lead subject matter experts also worked with the Business Development Bank of Canada over the past 8 years helping to develop and deliver digital consulting solutions for the revenue growth team.

Not only do we support the  training of digital advisors, we also support employer training, and communities of practice. Through these efforts, small businesses can get the most from their new digital presence and ecommerce store.

What We Provide

These defined labs will ensure your company is on the right track to becoming an equal opportunity employer.

Digital Capability - ecommerce manger career lab
Digital Capability - digital marketer career lab
PIE-Project Leadership Lab
diversity inclusion lab
Future of Retail Lab
Future of Hospitality Lab
Future of Manufacturing Lab
Future of Food Lab
PIE - Innovation Lab
Digital Capability - digital marketer career lab
Digital Capability - UX designer career lab
PIE - Entrepreneurship Lab

Who Are You?

Digital Capability - Youth Digital Advisor

Youth Digital Advisor

Through our Structured Labs, learners are able to grow employable digital skills, experience hands-on problem solving, explore potential career paths, and connect with employers.

Digital Capability - Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SMEs)

Using our skills-development platform, business leaders are able to connect to youth digital advisors, upskill their members, expand their digital reach, and improve business outcomes through our industry-specific Labs and on-going support for digital growth.

Digital Capability - Research/Innovation Hub

Research/Innovation Hub

Through hands-on, skill building Labs, innovators are easily able to collaborate remotely in order to explore new Challenges, tackle real-world digital problems, and connect with Youth Digital Advisors in order to learn, grow, and build practical solutions.

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