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Build T-shaped talent for the workplace of tomorrow

As the working world goes digital, developing a well-rounded mix of soft skills and digital knowledge has become vital to a future-ready career. Whether your organization provides upskilling, reskilling, or the skills to start from scratch, we can help your talent become lifelong learners and prepare for future of work.

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Get future-ready remote learning with Digital Capability Labs


Provide future-ready job skills for 20 emerging digital industries, including machine learning, web development and digital marketing


Jumpstart career exploration and continuous growth through hands-on learning experiences


Develop key soft skills, including problem-solving, communication and project leadership through remote, lab based learning


Build projects and portfolios that stand out from the crowd and drive career success

Using our Digital Capability Labs, your learners can test drive career paths in 20 emerging digital industries, including UX Design, Data Science, and Cloud Administration. Each Digital Capability Lab contains a progressive series of expert-developed, hands-on projects in which participants establish key skills for digital careers by applying them firsthand.

Choose from 20 in-demand careers

Prepr’s challenge-based approach engages learners’ creativity and grows job-ready soft skills, such as communication, project management and analytical reasoning. Using the PreprLabs Network, the Digital Capability Labs connect your talent’s projects and portfolios to a community of experts and mentors.

Case study: Building youth skills and employability with the Flexible Upskilling Network program

At Prepr, we believe in the power of lifelong learning. That’s why we launched the Flexible Upskilling Network (F.U.N.™) program, a blended learning experience that matches youth with paid internships and enhances their job-readiness with our Digital Capability Labs. By attending the program and receiving digital skills training, 79% of F.U.N.™ participants found work after completion.

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Ready to prepare your talent for the future of work?

Book a demo with a Prepr advisor, and we’ll show how our Digital Capability Labs can build future-readiness into your skills development initiatives.

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