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Calling All Problem Solvers

Prepr connects problem solvers and innovators with companies looking to solve big challenges.

How We Connect Problems to Problems Solvers

Helping Individuals become Lifelong Problem Solvers through Skills-based Challenges

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Join labs where you can work together with fellow students to create projects that will tackle challenges.

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After completing challenges, you will be able to collect skills medals and employer trophies.

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As a student with Prepr you will also get access to the employer’s job network and get access to personalized learning resources.


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Networking on a Global Scale

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Learn on your own time and pace

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Gain Career Opportunities

Your Ideas and Insights Could Help Solve Real-world Challenges

Networking Opportunities

Using the PreprLabs platform, develop projects and skills that recognized by mentors, experts and entrepreneurs.

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Are You a Problem Solver?

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