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Give students the tools to build amazing careers

Prepr empowers educators to create innovative work-integrated and experiential learning programs for students and recent graduates through challenge-based, project-based learning.

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Helping Post-Secondary Institutions Build a Future Ready Workforce through Innovative Work-Integrated & Experiential Learning

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Build a Learning Lab

Learning labs are flexible hubs that can connect to courses, career departments, and campus-led entrepreneurship programs to support student engagement and employability.

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Connect Learning Resources

Whether you’re using Open Educational Resources or have your resources housed in Moodle, BlueDrop, BlackBoard, D2L, or Canvas, we can integrate to create a seamless virtual learning experience.

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Choose or Create Challenges

Browse challenges from various organizations that fit your students and recent graduates future career path, current discipline, career credit program, or academic interest.

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Manage Micro-Credentials

Recognize students for the skills they showcased engaging in your experiential & work-integrated learning opportunity, directly through Prepr. We adhere to Open Badge 2.0 standards.

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The need for skills in digital innovation seemingly increases by the day, is harmful to a company’s bottom line, and erodes our ability to effectively tackle some of society’s most pressing problems.

In response, Prepr has launched a new initiative to create real-world social impact while building the foundation blocks for a sustainable and prosperous global future. Aimed at addressing the digital-innovation skills gap, and creating impactful learning experiences, this year’s focus will look at how businesses within 10 core industries can leverage technology to recover and grow into the future.

A great opportunity to learn new skills, build up your portfolio, network with employers, create social change, and win prizes along the way!

How does Prepr methodology address current PSI challenges?

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