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We run programs to boost learning and innovation.

We believe in collaborating for a better future. That’s why we work with community and industry partners to deliver projects that take on real-world challenges.

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Students / Recent graduates / Employers

Ready youth for digital careers with the Flexible Upskilling Network (F.U.N.™)

The Flexible Upskilling Network, or F.U.N. Program, provides work placements and digital skills training for youth seeking employment.

We combine remote lessons, career mentorship, and work-integrated learning to help young people build key skills for the workplace, including collaboration, entrepreneurship, and problem-solving.

After the training process, we match employers with job-ready participants skilled in any of 20 digital career paths.

We Thank Our Partners

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Business Leaders

Get rapid digital upskilling with F.U.N.™ Bootcamps

Our F.U.N. Bootcamps use the resources and expertise behind the F.U.N. Program to help employers and organizations develop job-ready digital skills among their staff.

Train your team in any of 10 skill sets, including Digital Marketing, Full Stack Development, and Customer Success. We introduce your talent to the tools, skills and frameworks they need to apply their knowledge effectively.

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Digital Marketing

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UX Design

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Product Management

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Full Stack Development

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Digital Sales

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Front End Development

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Innovation Management

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Customer Success

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Project Management

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Students / Educators / Startups / Industries

Connect innovators to industries with the Future Challenge

The Future Challenge series connects both the public and private sector with innovative solutions for real-world problems.

Using the P.I.E. Framework, PreprLabs, and our network of experts, challenge participants collaborate on viable solutions for ten key industries facing digital disruption, all while gaining skills and industry visibility.

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