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Challenge Open: Feb 2 – Mar 1

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  1. With the rising threats of cyber-attacks on connected vehicles, what innovative security measures can be implemented to safeguard data integrity and ensure the safety of autonomous and connected cars?
  2. Beyond the general regulatory hurdles, how can the automotive industry navigate the evolving legal landscape specific to data privacy and security? What proactive steps should be taken to stay compliant and mitigate risks?
  3. How can the automotive industry ensure that end-users (drivers and passengers) are informed and comfortable with the data collection and utilization happening within their vehicles?

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    Autonomous vehicles, data management in cars, what does the future of Automotive look like? In the 8th installment of the Industry Future Challenge, discover the latest advancements and strategies that are driving the automotive sector. Beyond regulatory hurdles, the complexities of autonomous vehicles and electrification, the industry grapples with the intricate challenge of data management within cars. As vehicles become increasingly connected and reliant on data, addressing issues related to privacy, security, and efficient utilization becomes paramount. Watch the webinar to get a reminder of the rich conversation about all things Future of Automotive.


    For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, the total prizes are:

    1st Place

    • $500 Visa gift card
    • $300 in Linux course credits
    • $1000 Prepr Lab Kit
    • Internship opportunities at Prepr and our network of partners

    2nd Place

    • $250 Visa gift card
    • $300 in Linux course credits
    • $1000 Prepr Lab Kit

    3rd Place

    • $125 Visa gift card
    • $300 in Linux course credits
    • $1000 Prepr Lab Kit

    **Please be advised that while participants are welcome to enter the Challenges, it should be noted that individuals who have previously won are ineligible for further awards.

    Please be advised that all cash prizes will be awarded in CAD.**

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