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As Canada’s population continues to become increasingly more diverse, representation in leadership becomes increasingly more important. With diversity of population comes diversity in the workforce and it is important for organizations to promote an inclusive environment, encourage equitable representation, and remove barriers wherever possible. The current...

Internal talent development has been on the rise in the last decade: a ManpowerGroup survey found that the number of employers investing in internal upskilling programs had risen to a majority of 54% in 2018. Two critical elements of fixing the skills gaps and talent shortages...

Internal talent development opens up a multitude of opportunities. Diverse options for programs are available, and all are highly effective at upskilling employees for a more prosperous, future-proof workforce. Here are five of the most popular and effective approaches to internal talent development, to achieve all...

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace drive performance, innovation, and creativity. Often, for members of the LGBT+ community, inclusion is just as much about safety as it is about feeling welcome. The barriers that bar LGBT+ individuals from reaching the same levels of success as...

How can you, as an organization, work to be anti-discriminatory and how can you increase your diversity? The key is inclusion. It is of the utmost importance that all team members, at all levels, have a welcoming and safe work environment. Creating awareness surrounding diversity...

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