Corporate Social Responsibility

At Prepr, we aim to empower individuals and teams around the world, to pursue lifelong learning by providing them with the tools and learning experiences they need to develop their skills, tackle challenges and unlock their infinite potential.

We envision a world where people co-learn together, are empowered to ask questions, seek knowledge, and co-create a sustainable future.


Prepr’s inaugural SDG – Sustainability Challenge in partnership with Wilfrid Laurier University, Feb.2019

Why Work with Prepr

We partner with both public and private organizations, as well as government to create systematic change through industry round-tables, learning challenges, and Platform Cooperativism.

We are passionate about empowering individuals to become lifelong problem solvers and catalyze change and create impact in their communities.

Our mission is to mobilize 1,000,000 individuals to become verified problem solvers by 2024.

How You Can Support the Future of Work

We offer many ways to get involved. From sponsoring a specific challenge to donations we will work with you to find the right opportunity for your organization. Continue reading to learn how you can support the Future of Work, or get in touch to plan your next CSR initiative.

Sponsor Kits

Sponsor Challenges

Sponsor Prizes

Sponsor Workshop

Give a Donation

   Sponsor Kits

Physical PIE Kits

Help people get the skills for the Future of Work while receiving exposure in our physical PIE kits.

Digital PIE Kits

Are you a tech focused company? Our Digital PIE Kit sponsored may be a great fit. Ideal for tool or online service providers.

Industry Specific Challenge Kits

We create customized challenge kits for each industry in collaboration with our partners. This can be an ideal way for organizations to engage with industry specific challenges and learning resources.

   Sponsor Challenges

Sponsor a Future Sustainability Challenge

Are the Sustainable Development Goals particularly relevant to your organization? Consider sponsoring one or all of them.

Sponsor a Career Challenge Collection

Help learners get the skills and knowledge they need for success by sponsoring a Career Challenge.

Sponsor a Future Industry Challenge

For organizations looking to be stay ahead of the curve, our Future Industry Challenges are a great opportunity.

   Sponsor Prizes

Sponsor a Job (Virtual Co-op or Internship)

Are you looking for a talent pipeline? Consider offering a job placement for individuals who win a specific challenge or event.

Provide Guaranteed Interviews

Many of our training programs culminate in a workplace placement, support our programming with guaranteed interviews for a small pool of candidates.

Donate Product/Service

This can be donated as a prize to challenges, or directly to Prepr and team to allow us to support our mission of training one million problem solvers by 2024.

    Sponsor a Challenge Workshop

High School

Sponsor workshops for high school students to learn PIE and get hands-on experience tackling problems.


Sponsor challenge workshops at a local university or college, these can be one day or multi-day workshops to help build learning labs on campus.

Campus to Work

Provide an opportunity for students to come to your workplace and collaborate with your employees to solve either internal or external challenges in collaboration with your team. These can be one day or multi-day workshops.

Let’s Partner for Impact. Join the Prepr Movement.