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Prepr can empower your students to become lifelong learners through work integrated learning that encourages creativity, collaboration, and innovative problem solving. Passionate educators, like you, are key to future-proofing the next generation of leaders and these Labs can help by teaching critical skills like communication, time management, and creative thinking through hands-on, experiential learning.

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Our Getting Started Lab for Educators: 

Our Getting Started Lab is a collection of Challenges to promote challenge-based, hands-on learning. These Challenges help educators to develop the skills and knowledge necessary in order to bring effective experiential learning into their classrooms. 

The Challenges: 

  • Skills-Assessment Course Capstone Lab and Challenge
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Skills Through a Startup Lab Challenge
  • Identifying Opps, Design-Thinking, & Rapid Prototyping
  • Gain Experience Through a Service Lab Challenge
  • Using Prepr to Deliver Project-Based Learning
  • Using PrepLabs to Deliver Challenge-Based Learning
Photo: Dayna Lang.

Now, I feel I can go into a job interview and feel very confident about the skills that I have.

– Dayna, F.U.N. Program participant


P.I.E.® is an interdisciplinary problem solving framework with 3-phases, and 15 steps to help you go from an idea to market in 90 days or less. 

Animation: the P.I.E.® Framework.

This Agile learning method focuses on Project Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, giving students the key, in-demand skills they need in order to succeed including problem solving, collaboration, and creative thinking.

The Prepr Labs Network

The PreprLabs Network is our work-integrated learning network designed to enhance collaboration and encourage project-based, experiential learning. 

By leveraging the PreprLabs Network and its respective tools and Lab programs, you’ll be able to better support your students’ ongoing personal development and growth.


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