Ready to build a culture of continuous learning and innovation but aren’t sure how?

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Build stronger teams and foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation

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Utilize Labs to create, curate and collaborate around internal and external resources

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Enable teams to innovate within their teams, across departments and across product and service lines

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Bring applied learning to make learning plans actionable and reflective

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Foster a healthy culture of internal competitiveness and motivation to support both personal and professional growth

Through our hands-on virtual learning labs, you can easily create impactful learning experiences to reach your business goals. Register below to watch our 15 minute video where we will walk you through our 7-step process to creating Labs and Challenges to support your employees’ learning needs.

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Grow your team and your business with PreprLabs

Leverage Prepr’s learn-by-doing platform to create challenge-based and project-based learning experiences that help employees build the crucial skills they need to tackle the real-world problems.  Whether you are focused on soft skills or specific hard skills Prepr’s Learn Lab Platform helps employees tackle the challenges that they face in the flow of their day to day work.

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Build a culture of learning agility

Our Labs foster and improve employees’ learning agility and help build the overall innovation capacity of your organization. We do this by sparking a growth mindset and making it easy for employees to engage. Change the way that your organization thinks about training programs by introducing Learning Labs. Let us show you how.

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Not sure how to get started?

Watch our short 15-minute video and learn how you can utilize our 7-step process to start creating Learning Labs and Challenges in order to leverage just-in-time learning as you transform your culture to one that supports continuous learning and innovation.

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