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Building in-demand soft skills like communication and collaboration

Welcome to PreprLabs!

Our Labs  — hubs for sets of Challenges that share a common theme or set of goals — are places where like-minded people co-create together by tackling real-world problems in order to create business opportunities. Labs offer incubator and accelerator leaders like you a place where your startup clients can collaborate on multiple projects, innovate quickly, and bring their ideas to life!

Labs offer the perfect model for learning-by-doing, facilitating the onboarding, training, and upskilling needs of your startup clients. Sign up for a free demo account now!

How to build a lab for educator

Developing Entrepreneurial Skills Through a Startup Challenge

How to build a lab for educators

Remote Startup Management Challenges

How to build a lab for educators

Using Prepr to Deliver Challenge-Based Learning

How to build a lab for educators

Skills-Assessment Course Capstone Lab & Challenge

Participation in Labs and Challenges also enables you to better evaluate work, providing a structure for iterative feedback, and a customizable microcredential and awards system so that you can invest in your startup clients’ professional development and recognize the winning efforts of their star achievers!


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Prepr Case Studies

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What really excited me was the opportunity to work in a real, cross-functional team, because up until then, I only designed by myself.

– David, F.U.N. Program participant

Learn How to Build a Class Lab

Unlock this short webinar that will show you how easy it is to join the Prepr Network and start creating Labs and Challenges that will help streamline your operations as an association, and better enable you to support your employees and your community members as they work their way to success!

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