Flexible Upskilling Network

Get a jump start on your skills and career with Prepr.

Apply by June 21st, 2021 for Cohort 4.

What is Flexible Upskilling Network program

Flexible Upskilling Network (F.U.N) program is a blended learning program, where participants receive opportunities to combine valuable work experience with accelerated skills training. The objective of the F.U.N program is to support youth who face employment barriers by helping them develop soft skills such as communication, collaboration and problem solving. Prepr will be using its signature PIE method to train the participants in Project Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and to expose them to real world business challenges. Prepr will also support participants in developing technology and digital skills that can help them secure gainful employment.

Who is F.U.N. for? 

The program will focus on youth between the ages of 15 and 29 who are looking for work or who have already been hired in September 2020.  All students are welcome.

The program is open to employers from the not-for-profit, public or private sectors provided they meet the employer criteria.

Program Schedule

Two cohorts of 180 youth will participate in the program as follows: 

Summer Program


Youth Training: July to August 2020

Employer Matching: August to November 2020

Fall Program


Youth Training:  August to September 2020

Employer Matching:  September  to December 2020

Winter Program


Youth Training:  November to December 2020

Employer Matching:  November  to December 2020

Spring Program


Youth Training:  February to March 2021

Employer Matching:  February to March 2020

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