Joining Virtual Labs for Crucial Skills Development

Lab based learning on the PreprLabs Network can offer you the opportunity to gain a wide variety of employable skills while bolstering your resume experience and building a portfolio.

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Build a Portfolio You’re Proud Of

On the PreprLabs Network you are easily able to explore and join Labs and Challenges that engage your passions and build innovative solutions that you are proud of. In addition to developing in-demand skills while participating in Challenges, you can make your portfolio stand out with passion driven projects. With our virtual Labs network you can easily share your work and take your portfolio to the next level.

  • Create Projects and engage in Challenges you’re passionate about
  • Share you work easily and effectively with employers and peers
  • Build an eye catching and competitive portfolio of work

Agile Learning

Through work-integrated learning, our network is designed to help you learn at your own pace, develop essential skills, and prepare for the ever-changing workforce with Agile thinking. Challenge-based learning allows you to tackle Projects with a growth mindset – to focus less on failing and more on learning. 

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Prepare for a diverse and evolving workforce 
  • Develop a growth mindset and become a lifelong learner
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Outcome CampusConnect Integration

In order to better support post-secondary students and recent graduates, the PreprLabs Network offers Outcome Campus Connect Integration. In addition to participating in Labs and tackling Challenges on the network, students can share their experiences with their peers and build a network that can serve them well into their future. 

  • Gain valuable work experience and develop in-demand skills
  • Tackle real-world problems through work integrated learning and become career-ready
  • Get connected to employers and build your network

Magnet Jobs Network

In addition to building skills, you will have the opportunity to connect with over 100,000 employers across Canada through the Magnet Jobs Network. With employers in a variety of different industries, networking and building meaningful connections is easy with the PreprLabs Network. 

  • Connect with over 100,000 employers 
  • Explore a wide variety of industries 
  • Build meaningful connections and a strong professional network
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Earn Microcredentials

By submitting Projects to Labs and Challenges you are able to earn microcredentials, awards, and badges. These can easily be shared on your profile and added to your resume in order to demonstrate your skills and experience to employers.

Ranging from a variety of awards you can earn on the PreprLabs Network, you can earn microcredentials for Challenge participation or for having your work recognized as the top project in a Challenge.

  • Earn achievements for your work
  • Motivate yourself to learn 
  • Gain recognition for your success 

The PreprLabs Network provides the perfect digital space for building new skills and showcasing existing talent. Explore Labs and tackle Challenges – building a portfolio of professional work that you can be proud of.