Hybrid Challenges

Innovate with different communities, combine your skills, and create meaningful opportunities.

Support future employees development, identify and recruit future employees by participating in student based challenges. Our challenges bridge students and businesses, both in search of innovation and talent.

Types of Hybrid Challenges

Combine different challenge communities to create the best opportunity for your organization.

Student & Startup Challenges

Refocus branding to customer and users

Hackathon & Startup Challenges

Prototype and create innovative projects

Startup & Internal Challenges

Boost Internal and External Innovation

Student & Internal Challenges

Connect with meaningful audiences

Benefits of Launching a Hybrid Challenge

Build Close Relationships

Connect with schools, institutions, startups, and other innnovative groups to support your organization’s innovation.

Encourage Innovation

Get access to both internal employees and external innovators solutions, while encourage a culture of innovation in your corporate culture

Create Innovative Solutions

Come up with new, innovative solutions to current problems your organization is working towards

Boost Brand Image

Connect with your future consumer’s through increasing visibility in the tech ecosystem.

Prepr Customization

Create personalized challenges through Custom Challenge Kits, Custom Trophies, and more

Integration with Prepr App

View, create, and award challenges anytime, anywhere with the mobile-first Prepr Network

Hybrid Challenge Kit

Best of All Worlds


This kit includes the PIE Kit and several challenges to hone your skills.

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