Prepr Announces Support for Open Covid Pledge

Prepr Announces Support for Open Covid Pledge

Prepr is a proud supporter of The Open Covid Pledge, an immediate call to action to halt the Covid-19 Pandemic and treat those it has affected. It is a practical and moral imperative that every tool we have at our disposal be applied to develop and deploy technologies on a massive scale without impediment. 

Prepr is committed to pledging to make all Covid-19 intellectual property available free of charge to be used in ending the pandemic and minimizing the impact of the disease. We will implement this pledge through our Beyond Covid-19: Global Open innovation Challenge, designed to address secondary and tertiary issues arising from the covid pandemic. 

In support of Open Innovation, Prepr is calling on citizens, communities, businesses, organizations, and governments to break down barriers and come together in this time of crisis to collaborate on lasting and impactful open science solutions that will help carry our global community through and beyond Covid-19. 

It is time that the world puts humanity first, with an open exchange of ideas, science, and resources. Creating a safe and sustainable future beyond Covid-19 will require global collaboration and co-operation.

We will confirm this pledge through a license that details the terms and conditions under which our intellectual property is made available.


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