Innovative Solutions for the Future of Work

We know that the future of work has been shifting rapidly, with many changes being accelerated by COVID-19. Through this interactive half-day seminar we will be exploring innovative and disruptive solutions to current work and skill development challenges. A key topic of discussion will be the role of Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) and Experiential Learning as part of the driving force behind upskill and reskilling the workforce.

We will also explore how to leverage ‘Lean Learn Labs’ to support challenge-based learning and capstone projects in order to create WIL experiences that benefit both students and employers. Through participation you will gain new insights as well as being introduced to tools and resources that you can take back to your organizations to turn challenges into learning opportunities.

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Sponsored by MAGNET- Ryerson and supported by TECHNATION.

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Webinar Panelists

Gain valuable insights from our speakers and panelists on future skills, disruptive technologies and how we can create meaningful opportunities for work-integrated learning.


 Dr. Wendy Cukier

Professor of Entrepreneurship&Strategy

at the Ted Rogers School of Management

Wendy is one of Canada’s leading experts in disruptive technologies, innovation processes and diversity, with more than 200 published papers on technology, innovation and management. She is the coauthor of the bestseller “Innovation Nation: Canadian Leadership from Java to Jurassic Park”. Wendy serves on a host of boards in the private and nonprofit sectors and has helped create and grow several successful startups and social ventures including Flybits, Think2Thing and Growing North. She is the Director of the Diversity Institute which advances evidence based strategies for inclusion.

Photo: Dr. Abby Goodrum.

 Dr. Abby Goodrum

Professor and Program Coordinator

at Wilfrid Laurier University

Prior to her appointment at Laurier, she held the Rogers Research Chair in News, Media, and Technology at Ryerson University. She also held faculty positions at Syracuse and Drexel universities where she taught User-Centered Design, Usability, UX, Knowledge Management, Information Architecture, and Digital Reference. She also spent time working as a researcher at CNN, and in educational technology for IBM.

She was founding Director for Social Science Research in a $23M Canadian Centre of Excellence that served as both a research network and commercialization engine in order to address complex issues in digital media and transform multidisciplinary research into user-centered solutions.

Malcolm Anderson

Malcolm Anderson

Acting Director of Work-Integrated Learning

Business Higher Education Roundtable

Malcolm is the Director for the Business/Higher Education Roundtable’s (BHER) Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) initiative. He comes from a career in work-integrated learning, evaluation, performance measurement, and organizational reviews.

Malcolm worked previously with various organizations in the WIL ecosystem such as Toronto Finance International, the Mining Industry Human Resources Council, Venture for Canada, and Mitacs. He also previously conducted research and was a member of the faculty at Queen’s University.

Photo: Catlin McDonough.

Caitlin McDonough

Chief Education Officer

at Prepr Foundation

As a Chief Education Officer at Prepr Foundation she works with her team to develop educational programming that provides individuals, teams and businesses with the advice, tools and framework they need to solve challenges, develop or refine solutions, and go to market.

Caitlin has over 8 years of experience delivering on technology projects to support the sales, marketing and business operation of companies across Canada. Additionally, she has been responsible for developing and delivering several technology and growth consulting products for organizations like the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). She has worked with over 150 of BDC’s clients, helping them to create or optimize their digital technology infrastructure and presence.

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Focused on career developers, recruitment professionals and educators, the following webinar explores the future of student work with renowned experts such as Dr. Wendy Cukier and Dr. Anny Goodrum as these discuss the future of work as it stands today.  

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