AdTech and MarTech Challenge

AdTech and MarTech Challenge

AdTech and MarTech

Recent developments in technology have made the once clear distinction between MarTech and AdTech very challenging. On a basic level, MarTech and AdTech are kind of like comparing marketing and advertising. What’s really the difference?


The role of AdTech is connecting all campaigns, and running ads across multiple platforms seamlessly. It allows websites and apps to sell their available space to a large number of advertisers. Using AdTech you can consistently reach users logically through search engines, display ads on select publishers. AdTech represents about 90% of all advertising costs. A problem with AdTech recently is it’s effectiveness in re-marketing and catering too especially to the target viewers. It can come across as intrusive and thus have reduced effectiveness. It encompasses all search engine marketing (SEM), search engine results page (SERP), and paid content such as AdWords. Advertising technology is a demand and supply side platform. DSP’s and SSP’s help the publisher manage auctions, sales and inventories. 


MarTech is more about the content of the ad, how marketing and media campaigns are conducted. It includes Email marketing systems, Social surveys, Analytics and search engine optimization tools. Some examples include HootSuite for social media management. Marketing technology operates in a “one-on-one” environment. It deals with the specific customer and their next step in the journey. 

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The Challenge:

How can AdTech and MarTech be used to better solve worldwide problems, or how if any could these technologies be leveraged in other fashions than just advertising and marketing?


Salar Chagpar
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